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unique embedded operating system security solutions

About Us

In January 2007, Dr Michael Kefaloukos, a successful Sydney-based medical practitioner, award-winning artist and published inventor , became profoundly motivated by a vision...
A vision of a world in which computer technology is efficient, secure and safe.

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Locate your phone!
Locate a lost child or stolen property!
Recover your contacts list!
Remotely lock and unlock your phone!
Delete your contact list!
App Wiper and Inbox Guard apps included

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REAPP© Technology Remote Remote Monitoring Units


  • Remote "on the fly" monitoring of field data
  • Remote real-time analysis of thermal and other field data including:
    • Smouldering and active fires
    • Hot joints
    • Night vision
    • ICT network performance
    • IoT connected device status
    • Performance parameters
    • Asset monitoring
    • Collected data integrity
  • Highly precise and efficient monitoring and analysis
  • Integrated into existing system or standalone
  • Advanced analytical capability
  • Highly secure
  • Secure management of forensic data
  • Concommittant metadata virus management
  • Highly efficient data compression during transmission from remote unit to server
  • Alerts sent to email, SMS, or remote server
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